Dear Mr. Palacio and Mr. House,

As a representative democracy, it is imperative that members of both parties have a fair and accessible process for selecting the nominees of their choice to compete in a general election. The caucus system is an antiquated and exclusionary system that is simply no longer a viable way to administer the important process of selecting our party’s Presidential nominees.

Last night’s caucus is just the latest example of this system no longer working. Democrats waited hours in line or were unable to physically enter crowded rooms, and frustrated Republicans felt that their voices were taken away in the selection of a Presidential candidate. The time is now to move away from the caucus systems of selecting Presidential candidates, it’s inconsistent with our democratic values as a constitutional republic.

I encourage both parties to support a regular primary process for future Presidential elections. The voters of Colorado deserve a say in who both parties nominate, and it is simply unfair and undemocratic to orchestrate an exclusive caucus that often disenfranchises those with less means, single parents with young children, those who work evenings, those who recently relocated and those who have physical difficulties getting around.

The Democratic and Republican Parties are grassroots, bottom-up entities. The members of these parties should have the absolute right to determine who is nominated for a particular office. I urge you to encourage the state legislature to move towards inclusive and accessible primaries for future contested Presidential elections, just as we do for other federal offices including Senate and Representative. Moving to a primary system will empower the voice of Coloradans in determining our nation’s President.

Yours truly,

Jared Polis