Fighting for Colorado Values and to Expand Opportunity to Every Coloradan. Every day.

The promise of America is that if you get an education, work hard and play by the rules you can enjoy your version of the American Dream, but wage stagnation coupled with rising costs are threatening that promise. That’s why I am fighting for an economy that rewards hard work and provides opportunities to all American workers, while at the same time fostering innovative ideas that will keep us competitive in the 21st century.

That’s why Jared is fighting to:

  • Grow the economy with targeted, smart investments in education, infrastructure, science and medical research.

  • Reform our tax code by eliminating loopholes for corporations and the fossil fuel industry; create a tax code that truly works for the middle class and small business owners

  • Reward hard work for middle income workers by raising the minimum wage, making sure employees are paid the overtime they deserve and incentivizing companies to share profits with employees.

  • Level the playing field by ensuring equal pay for equal work as well as fighting for paid leave

America’s economy is transitioning to an innovation and information economy. In order to keep our economy competitive with the rest of the world, my top priority is to use my experience starting and running online businesses to ensure that our new innovation economy works for everyone and has the power to unleash new opportunities for every American to prosper. I have spent my time in Congress proposing and supporting legislation that makes the American Dream achievable to all, but there is still much work to do.

That’s why Jared is fighting to:

  • Provide tax relief for individuals and small businesses.

    Small Businesses are the backbone of our economy, and more importantly, our local communities. It’s time to reform our tax code—by limiting deductions and eliminating special interest loopholes so we can reduce tax rates.

  • Expand access to traditional sources of capital and crowd funding

  • Evolve our education system to meet the needs of our changing economy so have a skilled and trained workforce that matches the jobs of the future.

  • Grow our economy and strengthen the middle class. In order for any business to be successful, there must be a strong consumer base that starts with building a strong middle class here in America and expanding access to markets abroad.

A college education and post secondary education is becoming a necessity in our modern economy, yet obtaining these skills is becoming harder and harder because of the rising costs. We must tackle the cost drivers, expand access to non-traditional higher education and reform the student loan programs that are leaving too many in unsustainable debt. As a senior member serving on the House Education and Workforce Committee Jared is working every day to expand educational opportunities for all Coloradans.

That’s why Jared is fighting to:

  • Allow for innovative approaches to bring down the overall cost of higher education and skill training by encouraging open source textbooks and competency based educational opportunities, including vocational training and community college.

  • Cap the student loan interest rates and move to a simple income-based repayment system.

  • Strengthen educational opportunities for returning veterans.

Expanding access to quality education, starting with preschool, is Jared’s top priority. Before serving in Congress, Jared served as the Chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education and founded two charter school networks serving at-risk kids. He currently serves as a senior member of the House Education and Workforce Committee.

Jared has taken his business and education policy background to Washington DC to push for smart reforms and innovation. Jared has a bedrock belief that building an excellent public education system that expands quality education opportunities for all, is the single best investment we can make in our collective future. As one of the lead authors of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 2016, Jared played a central role in ensuring our federal education policy fosters accountability while empowering states to enact policies that work for them instead of federal “one size fits all” model that was the basis of the flawed “No Child Left Behind.”

That’s why Jared is fighting to:

  • Ensure that every family, no matter their ethnic or economic background, has access to affordable education.

  • Empower schools to help students achieve, not subject students and teachers to a one-size-fits-all system.

  • Invest in STEM programs, high quality charter schools and duel enrollment programs.

Anonymous dark money is threatening our democracy. Corporations are not people; they don’t have free will, compassion, or a conscience and they can’t vote. It is time to restore power to the people our election system was designed to serve.

That’s why Jared is:

  • Co-sponsoring a constitutional amendment in Congress to overturn Citizens United

  • Co-sponsoring legislation to put elections back in the hands of citizens by replacing big donor, special interest funded elections with small dollar local contributions that are matched by a public fund.

Climate change is real and it’s caused by human activity. The economic and moral consequences of inaction are unacceptable; the time to act is now.

That’s why Jared fighting for:

  • A revenue neutral price on carbon. Currently carbon emissions and pollution costs tax payers millions each year, these costs should not be passed on to tax payers but instead priced at it’s source.

  • Green jobs training and production tax credits for renewable energy will create jobs in Colorado and lead to an energy independent America.

  • Closing the oil and gas industry’s special loopholes in the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

The 4th Amendment protects our privacy and personal freedom; we must work to ensure those on the left and right do not use government overreach to erode these hard won freedoms. It’s not the government’s concern who you marry, who you talk to, and your personal health decisions.

That’s why Jared is fighting to:

  • End warrantless govt. surveillance of online activity

  • Stop selling student’s private information to the highest bidder

  • Make sure no Americans are discriminated against for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • Ensure a woman’s personal health care decisions stay between her and her doctor.

  • End Federal Marijuana Prohibition, Jared is the author of federal legislation that would treat marijuana similarly to alcohol.