I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of the coming election and I wanted to share a few thoughts.

I truly believe our country is better off with two strong parties capable of advocating for their competing visions for America. But that’s not what we’re seeing in this election. While Democrats have conducted a civil and thoughtful election about ideas, the other side is falling all over themselves to prove who can be the most mean-spirited candidate.

Their vision for America is bleak: Border walls to keep out immigrants, promises to kill the families of terrorists, torture, a weaker middle class, the very idea of banning an entire religion from our nation. And all this will somehow Make America Great Again™?

That’s not the America I grew up in. I’s not the America I know today. The America I know today is already great. We’ve rebuilt our economy and put people back to work after the biggest recession since the great depression. We made health care more affordable and available to everyone who wants it. We are a more just and loving country that allows anyone the freedom to marry the person they love. We understand that we are all immigrants and are stronger for it. And we are a country that tells our sons and daughters they can be the President of the United States, and mean it.

That’s America.

So as this campaign continues to heat up, let’s stay focused on all the progress we’ve made, and how much more work there is to do.

There have always been competing visions for America’s future, but this time around, I believe there is more at stake. It’s our job to counter the demogogues by organizing at the ground level, and passionately making our case for our values and ideals.

Let’s get to work, and I’m sure I’ll see you out there on the campaign trail.

Thank you for your time,

Jared Polis