It has never been more important to have access to higher education, yet it’s harder and harder for middle class families to send their kids to college. More students are graduating our universities with crushing amounts of debt. That’s why this month, I’m rolling out several proposals to lower the cost of college.

Here’s the first: we have to rein in the obscene cost of textbooks.

On average, college students spend over $1200 every year on textbooks, and a single book can cost $200. Over the course of a four year degree, that adds up to nearly $5000! But I have an idea to save college students a significant amount of money every year through something called “open source textbooks.”

Here’s how it works:

Colleges and universities could use textbooks under an open license, which means they’re free to use. They’re just as good of quality as traditional textbooks, but without the high price tag. Students can view the documents online with tablets and computers, and professors can contribute to the texts much in the way they do now with paper textbooks.

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